SULAK: My Water Drink Tracker

Meet SULAK. An app for water reminder.

Yes, we are well aware that in a hectic day you forget to drink water and feel guilty about it. So we are here to help you.

  • You'll no longer forget how many glasses or bottles of water you drink in a day.
  • You'll no longer drink coffee and tea instead of water.

Yes, we know that too because you and we are all counting these liquids as water. But no, this is a proven fact that coffee or any other drink is not a substitute for water. We need to drink water according to our body mass.

With SULAK on your phone you will be able to:

  • Track how many bottles/glasses of water you drink in a day

This is that simple.

Of course, we will be acting according to your life and day cycle and send you notifications to remind you that you need to drink water or your passed your time to add.

Trust us, we'll be your best friend, no joke. (Not to mention that you have beloved friends but you may give us a chance to become your best friend?)

Are you in? Because we have already started to count your stats and hmm, you did not drink enough water today. So don't forget to drink water.

Stay healthy, stay happy.